1976-11-06 Boulder, CO

Michael Cordova

My first Neil Young show I ever saw was just added to the Timeline on NYA at my request! I cannot hardly believe it.

This show changed my life. I had been what I thought was a pretty hard core Neil Young fan up to that time. I was 20 years old, had all the albums, a few bootlegs (Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, BBC) and thought I knew my Neil. But this show just completely upended my concept of what Neil was all about because he was so fantastically wonderful on stage. The familiar songs were very good. But the unreleased (at the time) songs just blew me away. He played 18 songs that night. Nine of them (half!) were at the time unreleased that I had never heard before. I left that show a changed person! Do listen to this show and try to imagine the joy I felt. BTW, it's presented in full resolution, not mp3. Too Far Gone (the song, not the intro) on Songs For Judy is from this show.

1976-11-06 Balch Field House, Boulder, Colorado
Campaigner (unreleased!)
Human Highway (unreleased!)
After The Gold Rush
Pocahontas (unreleased!)
Too Far Gone (unreleased!)
Old Man
A Man Needs A Maid
Sugar Mountain
Country Home (unreleased!)
Don't Cry No Tears
Down By The River
Bite The Bullet (unreleased!)
Lotta Love (unreleased!)
Like A Hurricane (unreleased!)
Drive Back
Cinnamon Girl
Homegrown (unreleased!)
Cortez The Killer

Expecting To Fly

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