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The Rockridge Neighborhood Watch Network was established IN 2003 to provide Rockridge citizens with a vehicle for reporting crimes and suspicious behavior. It is managed by the Greater Rockridge NCPC (beats 12Y and 13X). Other subjects that impact on crime or personal safety and well-being are also permitted, including:
• quality of life concerns, such as graffiti and blight
• home security and self-defense
• reports of lost pets
• political discussions if they relate to issues of crime, home security, and quality of life

The technology of this site makes it unlikely that the postings would be the quickest way to learn about crimes in progress. The NCPC encourages all blocks to have an active Neighborhood Watch Network for such alerts. An important goal of this group is to keep citizens vigilant, to provide information about crime trends or suspicious activity in Rockridge, and to aid in the apprehension of criminal suspects by having an informed community. Reports of criminal or suspicious activity may be forwarded to the appropriate OPD agencies.

The following behaviors are NOT acceptable on this site:
• attempts to sell products or services (obvious spammers will be banned without notice)
• personal insults and "flame" attacks
• direct political campaigning for or against individual candidates

Posters who violate these terms will receive a warning from the moderator, and if the behavior persists, may be removed from the list. The purpose of this is to keep discussions focused on the subject of public safety and quality of life in Rockridge. Freedom of speech is permitted; rudeness is not.

Due to recent spam attacks, we have decided to require new members to be pre-approved. If you wish to join this list, please send an email to the subscription address (listed below) mentioning the cross streets nearest your house and 1-2 sentences explaining why you wish to be on the list.

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