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Official Rockridge NCPC yahoo group. This group is moderated by the officers of the Greater Rockridge Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), serving Oakland, CA police beats 12Y and 13X.

This is a moderated group: membership is open to anyone, but all posts must be approved in advance by the moderator. The group serves the following purposes:

* Distribute OPD crime statistics for the neighborhood

* Accept notices of neighborhood crimes, graffiti, litter, problems with homeless people, and other issues that will or may require police intervention. Announcements not requiring or related to police intervention will not be accepted.

* Accept and respond to questions from posters on issues related to neighborhood crime, home safety, etc.

* Distribute such crime and safety related announcements as the NCPC officers feel are warranted. Announcements may also include notices of community clean-up activities related to litter and/or graffiti.

* We originally banned announcements of lost animals, but have reconsidered, because pets, also Rockridge residents, could actually have been stolen, or killed or injured by hit and run drivers. Lost pet announcements will now be approved by the moderators.

To keep the group focused, the moderators reserve the right to refuse posts on these and other non-crime related subjects:

* Local political and non-crime-related community activities

* Advertisements for local businesses

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