211114, the "EMCOMM Hub" on Keller at 2000 hours, Sunday, "AmRRON an Overview" with Wes, KD6EIR and Rick, KK6CTT


  Mission Statement for the "EMCOMM Hub" on Keller:  

"Provide a networking environment that fosters sound Keller Peak Repeater practices with respect to emergency communications and preparedness."

  • All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.
  • To follow along you can find tonight's outline at hub.rivecg.net along with many past topics/information for reference.
  • Held every Sunday night at 2000 hours (8 p.m.) California local time.
    • KPRA 146.385 (+) PL 146.2
    • or, KE6TZG-R on Echolink
I.    Administrative:

For operational guidance; always refer to the KPRA guidelines found here:  http://kpra.net/guidelines.html

NOTE:  If you would like to be a featured guest who has an organization that meets the net criteria and you would like to highlight it in a subsequent net, please open a dialog with Rick, KK6CTT at rngr86@...  Please put "EMCOMM Hub" in the subject line for easy identification.


  • Facilitate education and training that draws willing amateur radio operators to serve as stewards of the Keller Peak emergency communications community.  Become "The Hub" of information that prepares us to efficiently recognize and adjust to situations where proper handling of priority and emergency traffic is necessary.
  • Allow groups and individuals who participate in emergency communications and preparedness to share their experiences while providing opportunities for operators to volunteer with the organizations that provide the best fit.
  • Establish sound practices within the Keller Peak Repeater Association that recognizes and addresses the "greater good" principle in the eventuality the repeater becomes "The Hub" of emergency communication operations.
  • Flow of the net will include the following but will remain flexible:
    • Any updates from KE6RYZ, Dennis concerning the repeater.
    • Guest speaker(s) sharing personal, agency or organization information (see "scope of this net"):
      • Personal experience due to an event or personal knowledge based on work/volunteer experience.
      • Governmental or Nongovernmental organization (NGO) viewpoint.
      • Or, the club frame of reference.
    • Public Service Announcement:
      • Wrap up with something relative to the group that ends the net on a positive note.
Frequently heard courtesy tones on the repeater:
  • Dah Dit Dit Dit (- . . .):  "B" signifies the repeater is running on back-up power:
    • "Routine" QSOs should be avoided.
    • Brief "Priority" and "Emergency" traffic may be passed which may include directing operators to another repeater or simplex net.
    • Net controllers please refrain from conducting roll calls and use the net to share or exchange only important information.
  • Dah Dah Dit (- - .):  The "G" tone identifies power is derived through onsite generator backup power:
    • "Routine" QSOs should be avoided.
    • Brief "Priority" and "Emergency" traffic may be passed which may include directing operators to another repeater or simplex net.
    • Net controllers please refrain from conducting roll calls and use the net to share or exchange only important information.
  • Dah Dit Dah (- . -):  The "K" tone signifies the repeater has dropped and is awaiting the next station.
  • Dah Dit (- .):  The "N" signifies the repeater is in "net" mode.  This may include automatically or manually linked reflectors/nodes.
II.   Check-ins
  • IRLP and EchoLink Check-ins:  Call, Name & Location
  • RF Check-ins:  Blocks of 5 calls:  Call, Name & Location
    • We will:
      • Check-in participants as we get comments, questions and suggestions.
      • Ask for check-ins at the end of the net (time permitting).
III.   Announcements:
  • Amateur License Testing, every 2nd Tuesdays of the month 0800, $15 Exam fee
    • American Legion Post 426, Yucaipa, 12167 California St. TO REGISTER send Email to wd6h@...
  • LOCAL REPEATERS Resource Nets include (final this week):
    • Moreno Valley RACES:                 449.300 (-) PL 103.5
    • Diamond Valley/Hemet RACES:  144.505 (+) PL 100.0
    • Banning Pass Santiago Peak:         447.080 (-) PL 123.0
    • Temecula GTARC:                         146.805 (-) PL 100.0
  • Local Tech Net on the W6JBT Repeater:  https://w6jbt.org/
    • Each weekday morning the “Tech Net” is held from 0700-0800 on the W6JBT repeater or Echolink at W6JBT-R.  This net is designed to bring local hams together to talk about radio issues, new products; questions and answers about everything “ham."
  • Looking for more net time?  We've had some good reports of a welcoming repeater further west that holds two weekday nets at 0900 and 2100 hours on the Catalina Repeater:  http://www.cara.radio/
  • Of course, there are the several Keller Peak nets featured here:  https://kpra.net/nets.html
  • Any other announcements?  Please send them to Rick, rngr86@... if you would like to make an announcement during the net.

IV.   Midge, W6LIK follow up on the 2-1-1 system:

  • Zoom Meeting with Speaker Pam Presnall, Director of Development & Outreach for Orange County 2-1-1.
  • Subject: What Kind of Information is Attainable from 2-1-1, 3-1-1, 4-1-1, 5-1-1, 6-1-1, 8-1-1, 9-1-1
  • 2-1-1: Resource and referral agency run by a nonprofit organization (either the United Way or an independent 2-1-1) serving the community for health and human services (e.g., food housing assistance, mental health).
  • 3-1-1: Run by a city, county or other municipal agency.  Mostly to request some of the most sought after City services or submit comments or complaints.
  • 4-1-1: White pages telephone number directory.
  • 5-1-1: Transportation information: find out about traffic, road construction, or issues with mass transit.
  • 6-1-1: Connects you with your wireless phone company for customer service.
  • 8-1-1: National Before you Dig phone number (to make sure you don't hit power lines, etc.)
  • 9-1-1: The "Universal Emergency Number" for citizens throughout the United States to request emergency assistance, when you need the police, fire or other emergency personnel immediately.
  • 2-1-1 OC's Assistance with Disasters in collaboration with the OC Sheriff's Department getting the following up-to-date information:
    • Fire and Flooding Alerts
    • Road closures
    • Evacuation Orders and Routes
    • Coding Center locations
    • Emergency and Animal Shelters
    • Emergency Supplies, e.g., food, water, ice, sand bags, generators, etc.
  • Contacting 2-1-1 or 888-600-4357, Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Text zip code to 858-211, Available 7 days a week. 8am to 6pm
  • Email help@..., Responses within 48 hours
V.   A quick look back at last week's outline:  Click Here
  • Featuring Chuck, AI6OZ
    • A common site setup for HF (identified solid techniques)
    • Learning the in's and out's of your gear through experience
  • Communication site 57 miles, 0° from Keller Peak
    • KK6CTT conducts REN and "Information Net" on 23 OCT from 0900-1000.
      • Check-ins and questions answered
      • Information shared between Catalina Wellness Net NCS, Chris, KF6LEX through modified "break and go" format
      • 3-NTS Welfare Radiograms sent
      • Bottom-line:  Attempting to show how to utilize the Keller system during a widespread disaster
      • Questions?
  • Some research I did for last week on LiFePO4 batteries:

VI.   American Redoubt Radio Operators Network and Overview with Rick, KK6CTT and guest speaker Wes, KD6EIR

  • [Wikipedia]  "American Redoubt"  The American Redoubt[1] is a political migration movement first proposed in 2011 by survivalist novelist and blogger James Wesley Rawles[2][3] which designates three states in the northwestern United States (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming), and adjoining portions of two other states (eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as a safe haven for conservative Christians.[1][2] Rawles chose this area due to its low population density and lack of natural hazards.[4]
  • [Wikipedia] It is difficult to measure how many people have been influenced by the proposal to move to these states; USA Today estimated that anywhere from "hundreds" to "a few thousand" people may have come, although some may have moved for reasons of general cultural affinity rather than being directly influenced by Rawles's proposal.
  • James Wesley Rawles Patriot Series provides a fictional glimpse into a post economic meltdown and the events that depict several of his characters either staged or moving to the American Redoubt.  Many began to use these books as a pseudo means of gaining insight into what they could do to prepare themselves, their families and later their groups to survive.  The spin-up led to many a whole preparedness industry to include hard goods, podcasts and social media startups that thrive today.  His books, in order, are:
    • Patriots (1998)
    • Survivors (2011)
    • Founders (2012)
    • Expatriates (2013)
    • Liberators (2014)
  • John Jacob Schmidt:
    • [Wikipedia] There are three primary outlets for the American Redoubt movement. James Rawles' blog SurvivalBlog.com regularly covers Redoubt news and focuses on preparedness "how to" guides. John Jacob Schmidt's blog Radio Free Redoubt and his radio show The John Jacob Schmidt Show carried on the American Christian Network (ACN) and KTW 630 AM out of Spokane, Washington, carries news and commentary often focused on the American Redoubt. The Charles Carroll Society and podcast by Alex Barron which focuses on politics and commentary related to the American Redoubt and the many traditional Catholics located there. Similarly, the online outlet, Redoubt News publishes news and opinion relevant to Christian conservative culture in the American Redoubt.
  • About AmRRON?  http://amrron.com/about/ 
    • Founded in 2011, AmRRON was originally created as a communications network to keep communities and states within the American Redoubt connected in the event of a major disaster situation, or socio-economic collapse. Within a year, over half the members consisted of those living outside the American Redoubt. AmRRON has now grown to nearly four thousand radio operators, with members in every state, plus Puerto Rico and Canada. In January, 2014, AmRRON merged with TAPRN, making it the largest conservative mostly-Christian radio network outside of a faith-based organizational structure (such as Salvation Army and LDS).
    • AmRRON is a network of Preppers, Patriots and Redoubters who have volunteered to keep each other connected when other means of communications are unavailable or unreliable. AmRRON operators participate in >>scheduled nets<< to practice using non-conventional communications.
    • Although, AmRRON has interoperability with other preparedness and patriot networks, we strongly encourage other communications teams to develop their own, communications plans in the event that AmRRON becomes disrupted or compromised.
  • AmRRON Mission Statement:
    • We are committed to maintaining a continental network of radio operators for disaster response and civil defense, always ready to serve our communities, our states, our nation, and our fellow countrymen with unconventional communications in times of need.
  • AmRRON Guiding Principles (Mission Statement Expounded)
    • All patriot-minded radio operators are welcome and encouraged to train, participate, and contribute for the purposes of disaster response and civil defense. When it is within an AmRRON operator’s ability, he/she should always selflessly contribute to the preservation and protection of life, liberty, and property.
    • Proficiency is encouraged with all forms of communications, including licensed Amateur Radio, license free radios, and any other type of communications method.
    • All citizens are sensors (eyes and ears) during a disaster. The network exists not only for you to stay informed, but for you to inform others as well, sharing important information about developments and aiding in everyone’s overall situational awareness.
    • AmRRON operators are willing to render communications assistance where it is needed and wanted, and avoid interfering where it is not.
    • AmRRON operators should always be willing and capable of supporting leaders in their communities who may not have communications capabilities, and may include clergy, community leaders, elected officials, and other patriot-minded organizations and individuals.
    • AmRRON members should be self-reliant, ready and skilled to provide communications in most any environment, under austere conditions, with little or no outside support for indefinite periods of time, especially when there is no commercial power or communications infrastructure.
    • AmRRON operators are committed to supporting and advancing traditional American values, our heritage, liberty, Christian charity, lawfulness, and helping our fellow countrymen in times of crisis, and never supporting those whose objectives are in conflict with those values and ideals.

  • The American Preparedness Radio Network:  https://amrron.com/2015/03/08/taprn-net-video-comms-prepper/
  • How do I get started?  https://amrron.com/communications-resources/how-to-get-started/
    • Locally, there is an AmRRON net on the KD6DDM Repeater every Friday night at 2000 hosted by Hyman, KI6RTH.
      • Every Friday at 2000 hours (8 p.m./local CA time)
      • 146.610 (-) PL 103.9
      • Check-in with round table discussion for about an hour
    • For more information on local AmRRON nets:  https://amrron.com/nets-regional-national/amrron-local-nets/
    • And, there is a robust following of a net held in Grants Pass, OR and KD6EIR is here to tell us a little about how they run their net.
      • How did the AMRRON net (in Grants Pass) start?
      • Typical Check-ins (demographics of the 50+ participants).
      • Format (Order of business): Preamble, Check-ins, Intelligence Briefing,Topic of discussion, Channel 3 project.Questions.
      • GMRS repeater:
        • Gilbert Peak, Grants Pass, OR 462.725 (+) PL 141.3
        • 1900 hours (7 p.m./local OR time)
      • See the example below:
Typically, we have 5 sections (orders of business, so to speak). With the number of check-ins, it lasts for about an hour. I'll paste below the text of the net that I operated as net control recently.

  1. Preamble:
  2. Check-ins (we also use STATREPS - Green - Yellow - Red, when checking in).
  3. Intelligence Briefing (some interesting news pertaining to the state of affairs relative to emergency preparedness. often from the Forward Observer).
  4. Topic of discussion (also often pertaining to emergency preparedness: food storage, back-up power, etc.)
  5. Channel 3 project (we have selected operators scattered around the valley with great stations on each service: GMRS, MURS, CB and HAM, who act as little net controls for each simplex channel. Others perform relay functions to gather/log all the stations. Each channel net control operator reports the check-in numbers back to Doug.... which essentially ends the net for the night.
Text from past net:
Attention Grants Pass GMRS radio operators
This is GMRS Call, WES and I will be your net control station for the Grants Pass AmRRON Net. This net meets every Sunday at 7 PM PACIFIC TIME on this repeater.
AmRRON stands for the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network and is a nationwide disaster preparedness network made up of patriot-oriented radio operators. We are here to help during times of disasters and civil defense.

The word means "a place of retreat."  A redoubt is a fort or fort system usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort, usually constructed of stone or brick or earthworks... "a place to fall back to for safety

You can learn more by visiting us at www.AmRRON.com.
I spell AmRRON phonetically; Alpha.. Mike.. Romeo.. Romeo.. Oscar.. November. This is only a practice net. To learn more about our emergency communications plan, you can find the AmRRON Signals Operating Instructions on our website.  

GMRS is family friendly, we want anyone with a license to feel free to talk. Even a child. So remember its not ham radio, let's keep it simple. The only expectation is courtesy, patience and helpfulness.

Feel free to email _____ at _____ . There will be an auto-respond email from him with helpful information. Check your spam if you didn't get it.

Weeks ago Doug introduced us to STATUS REPORTS so tonight feel free when you check in give your STATUS report. For example if I were checking in and all is good at my house I would say GMRS Call STATREP green.

Tonight I will take check-ins and read the Intelligence Briefing and then we will a topic of discussion. At the end of the licensed check-ins, we will take check-ins from unlicensed operators on CH3 (FRS, MURS & CB). And Amateur Radio 2 meter simplex frequency of 146.420.

Tonight, let's revisit Status Reports
There are 7 categories in a STATREP
7. INFORMATION (outside information)

a. If someone asks you for a STATREP and all the categories for you are good you just respond with your call sign followed by the word GREEN
b. There are two other colors, yellow and red.
c. If every category for you is green with the exception of power, and you are experiencing rolling blackouts with the grid you would just answer "POWER YELLOW". If the grid is completely down, you might say "POWER RED" and possibly add the word "backup" if you have it. There is no need to go through the entire categories if the others are green. If you're experiencing problems in more than one category then just follow suit.

Again, for those who want to take your radio skills up a notch I invite you to download FLDIGI to your PC. In a few weeks we will start experimenting with FLDIGI.

OK, this is a directed net, so please hold any traffic until the Net Control Station calls for it.  Any emergency traffic may break in at any time. Is there any priority traffic that needs to be passed at this time?
Is there any Emergency or Priority traffic?

OK hearing no priority or emergency traffic I will move onto check-ins, if you have a comment or question let me know when you check in and I will get back to you in the order of the check-ins. Please check-in with your full call sign, after that feel free to use just your last three numbers.

Remember, if you don't have a GMRS license we will take your check-in on CH3 towards the end of the net. Stand by for that announcement.

Everyone, stand by and listen for your call sign. Don't worry if you don't hear your call. I will always give a call for late or missed check-ins.
After the close of the net we will take CH3 check-ins

  • Is there interest in AmRRON and if not AmRRON concepts found within AmRRON?


KM6IVE, Harold wanted to share this information about a special event Costco is having:

o  Periodically, Costco has Lion Energy LiFePO4 100 Ah batteries on sale. Back in 2020, the UT1300 was on sale for $349 each,  https://youtu.be/KRe9TWEEoI0
o  Update from Harold, now the price is $698.00

o  Costco Hawthorne is hosting a Lion Energy Special Events Schedule 11/29 - 12/05  https://www.costco.com/lion-energy-schedule.html

This is a great opportunity for a big battery that has all sorts of potential!  Thanks Harold!