211107, the "EMCOMM Hub" on Keller at 2000 hours, Sunday, "Miscellaneous Projects and Finds" with Rick, KK6CTT


  Mission Statement for the "EMCOMM Hub" on Keller:  

"Provide a networking environment that fosters sound Keller Peak Repeater practices with respect to emergency communications and preparedness."

o  All amateur radio operators are invited to participate.
o  To follow along you can find tonight's outline at hub.rivecg.net along with many past topics/information for reference.

I.    Administrative:

For operational guidance; always refer to the KPRA guidelines found here:  http://kpra.net/guidelines.html

NOTE:  If you would like to be a featured guest who has an organization that meets the net criteria and you would like to highlight it in a subsequent net, please open a dialog with Rick, KK6CTT at rngr86@...  Please put "EMCOMM Hub" in the subject line for easy identification.


  • Facilitate education and training that draws willing amateur radio operators to serve as stewards of the Keller Peak emergency communications community.  Become "The Hub" of information that prepares us to efficiently recognize and adjust to situations where proper handling of priority and emergency traffic is necessary.
  • Allow groups and individuals who participate in emergency communications and preparedness to share their experiences while providing opportunities for operators to volunteer with the organizations that provide the best fit.
  • Establish sound practices within the Keller Peak Repeater Association that recognizes and addresses the "greater good" principle in the eventuality the repeater becomes "The Hub" of emergency communication operations.
  • Flow of the net will include the following but will remain flexible:
    • Any updates from KE6RYZ, Dennis concerning the repeater.
    • Guest speaker(s) sharing personal, agency or organization information (see "scope of this net"):
      • Personal experience due to an event or personal knowledge based on work/volunteer experience.
      • Governmental or Nongovernmental organization (NGO) viewpoint.
      • Or, the club frame of reference.
    • Public Service Announcement:
      • Wrap up with something relative to the group that ends the net on a positive note.
Frequently heard courtesy tones on the repeater:
  • Dah Dit Dit Dit (- . . .):  "B" signifies the repeater is running on back-up power:
    • "Routine" QSOs should be avoided.
    • Brief "Priority" and "Emergency" traffic may be passed which may include directing operators to another repeater or simplex net.
    • Net controllers please refrain from conducting roll calls and use the net to share or exchange only important information.
  • Dah Dah Dit (- - .):  The "G" tone identifies power is derived through onsite generator backup power:
    • "Routine" QSOs should be avoided.
    • Brief "Priority" and "Emergency" traffic may be passed which may include directing operators to another repeater or simplex net.
    • Net controllers please refrain from conducting roll calls and use the net to share or exchange only important information.
  • Dah Dit Dah (- . -):  The "K" tone signifies the repeater has dropped and is awaiting the next station.
  • Dah Dit (- .):  The "N" signifies the repeater is in "net" mode.  This may include automatically or manually linked reflectors/nodes.
II.   Check-ins
  • IRLP and EchoLink Check-ins:  Call, Name & Location
  • RF Check-ins:  Blocks of 5 calls:  Call, Name & Location
    • We will:
      • Check-in participants as we get comments, questions and suggestions.
      • Ask for check-ins at the end of the net (time permitting).
III.   Announcements:
  • Amateur License Testing, every 2nd Tuesdays of the month 0800, $15 Exam fee
    • American Legion Post 426, Yucaipa, 12167 California St. TO REGISTER send Email to wd6h@...
  • LOCAL REPEATERS Resource Nets include:
    • Moreno Valley RACES:                 449.300 (-) PL 103.5
    • Diamond Valley/Hemet RACES:  144.505 (+) PL 100.0
    • Banning Pass Santiago Peak:         447.080 (-) PL 123.0
    • Temecula GTARC:                         146.805 (-) PL 100.0
  • Midge Bash is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting featuring Pam Reed Presnall who will be speaking about 211 (Help Starts Here)
  • Local Tech Net on the W6JBT Repeater:  https://w6jbt.org/
    • Each weekday morning the “Tech Net” is held from 0700-0800 on the W6JBT repeater or Echolink at W6JBT-R.  This net is designed to bring local hams together to talk about radio issues, new products; questions and answers about everything “ham."
  • Looking for more net time?  We've had some good reports of a welcoming repeater further west that holds two weekday nets at 0900 and 2100 hours on the Catalina Repeater:  http://www.cara.radio/
  • Of course, there are the several Keller Peak nets featured here:  https://kpra.net/nets.html
  • Any other announcements?  Please send them to Rick, rngr86@... if you would like to make an announcement during the net.
IV.   Product "honorable mention" in the realm of antennas:
  • COMPACtenna awareness and video from Harold KM6IVE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw8HkSW6A-U
    • Based on smoothing out the effects of signal drop in a "real environment" space by harnessing the energy via magnetic fields.
    • Great job Harold!  Thanks for sharing this with the group.

V.    What forms of communication have you flexed lately?
    • Photos of a current exercise(s) and use of Yagi antennas to make communication where near and distant stations are known or quickly identifiable.

o  Know the COMM Center that has jurisdiction.

o  You need to identify the COMM Center, "Searches" verbiage or "Recources."

o  Example of a call placed by N6YMK, Charles, concerning an accident on the 210 Freeway.  He reported near "Mountain AVE" while the dispatch plotted "I210 E (bound) EO (east of...) / CAMPUS AVE
o  You can see below that information the time line of dispatch/resources and the "plot" tab.

o  Plotted point seen below in Goggle Map from the CHP CAD site.

  • Report of a fire near the Redlands Airport, 11/05/21 by a concerned Ham.
o  This is a perfect example of using the tools provided by the Keller Peak site to include the cameras; aside from direct communication support.

o  To see what the view is from Keller visit here:  https://kpra.net/cameras.html

o  Green area was plotted but further information was not available just as the new red outlined area is new and probably the fire that was being called on.

o  You can see how the Keller Cameras are an excellent "tool" that can be used in an emergency as long as the internet is viable.

  • All tools in the toolbox.  Do you have tools in your toolbox you would like to share?
  • Parting discussion if there is time:
    • AI6OZ's QRP Station, Yaesu FT-817ND, Buddy Pole (vertical configuration), Bioenno Solar Panel, power supply/pack, power bank (USB on the go)...






  • KK6CTT Owl Canyon Campground to Keller Peak, 54 miles with one peak of concern.
    • FT-2900R, 5-watts, collapsible Yagi, 2x LiFePO4 batteries (Miady 35 & 16 Ah), DJ tripod, 30-watt rigid solar panel, Renogy Wanderer 10 amp charge controller.
o  Bungees helping to support the tripod from 20+ mph wind gusts.
o  Strings sewn into the tent to provide USB wiring of tent with 2x Goal Zero "Light a Life" lanterns attached to a 6-Ah power bank.


o  It looks cool but if you must know, it is an enlarged moon from that day, photo-shopped in.