When will a manual be available for download?

Papi <papiflaps@...>

Looking forward to [probably] spending some serious cash at Huntsville thanks to Rigpi. LOL Meanwhile, I would like to see more info from MFJ about operating, system interconnects, etc. 

(1) Will there be a wireless version available (wireless to modem)?
(2) What is minimum required speed for Internet connection?
(3) Will there be a manual available on MFJ website as usual for other products?
(4) Will Rigpi work with FTdx-3000? (It uses a different protocol than the mobile Yaesus)?

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Papi, welcome to the Forum!

RigPi can use an Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi connection.   RigPi has a dual-band radio for Wi-Fi.

The only Internet bandwidth restriction will have to do with the VoIP client on a remote computer.  The bandwidth requirement can be reduced if necessary through settings in the Mumble VoIP programs on RigPi.

The complete RigPi manual is available on the RigPi site:  In the Quick Setup Guide in Help you will see a link to a PDF version of the manual that can be downloaded.  (RigPi Help is also included in RigPi.)  You can also see an introductory video by clicking the link on

RigPi uses the Hamlib library for rig and rotor control, widely used by many programs.  It does support the FTdx-3000.

Thanks for asking good questions!

73, Howard W6HN