Step by Step Guide to install GridTracker on RigPi - Help Needed.

Michael Miller WH6FXL

NOTE This is a Draft copy - I need help to finish it. 

launch chromium or browser you use on your Pi
Scroll down the page and look for 

Linux ARM 32 / Raspberry Pi- Odroid
GridTracker-Linux-Arm-1.20.0211.tar.gz  (Note the version name is going to change)
Double click on the link - It should start to download to your download folder. 
When it is done double click on the downloaded file. It should open up Xarchiver to extract our files (It will take it bit so just wait. )
Under Filename move your mouse pointer so it is on the folder GridTracker. 
Right click and move down to Extract
Right click on Extract 
you may have to expand your window wide to see the extract button on the bottom right. 
Now right click on Extract  (It will take it bit so just wait. )
Quit Xarchiver 
Left click on File Manager at Top the two stacked yellow folders

Special note: do *NOT* enable the US Callsign Database on the Pi 3. Not enough ram to hold it all and it can and will crash :(


Ok this is as far as I got now what steps are next?






Fernando .

Open the README.txt file which contains the following instructions:

As an example, assume that GridTracker-Lunux-Arm1.18.xxxx.tar.gz was downloaded to /home/pi/Downloads/, and
extracted to a folder directly below it,
Copy GridTracker.desktop to /home/pi/Desktop/, and
gridtracker.png to /home/pi/Downloads/GridTracker/.
If your GridTracker install uses other file locations, simply edit the
apporpriate lines in GridTracker.desktop to reference the proper
You should now see an icon on your desktop, . Simply double
click to launch GridTracker.