Server will not control radio


To helper:

I received the RigPi Station Server last week.  It is now connected to the my Yaesu FT dx 3000 transceiver, to my router with an internet cable, and to power.  I have downloaded Mumble.  I see the interface dials (moving S meter, etc) on my computer monitor, but I have no control of the transceiver and hear no audio from my computer monitor.  I would greatly appreciate some help especially from someone with a similar radio.

Thank you,

John Karickhoff


Fairfax, VA


Hi John, 
Look under files there is a TS 590s video. This  was very helpful for me. 
Your radio needs a USB cable for connection with RigPi. 
The Rigpi.pdf under files was good for me. 
You need also to open some ports in your router. You can see in Rigpi.pdf "RSS Connections" on page 37. 
Install VNC Viewer on remote computer  so you can make the audio changes in Mumble.  

Regards from Loic, SM5VFE