RigPi Firmware SD Card back ordered on MFJ


I ordered the RigPi SD card, 'RIGPI OS FIRMWARE FOR MFJ-1234' part#  MFJ-1234SD from MFJ a week ago and just today got an email saying it was back ordered with no indication of when it would be fulfilled.
While I am waiting is there a way to download a sd card image (even a beta version) so I can make an sd card and get started learning how it might work for my station?
I notice on the RigPi web site there is a reference to an open source download, but the link seems to go to the github home page only.

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Marc, and welcome!

Once the dust settles a bit I will begin to have time to activate the GitHub repository.  Note that RigPi is open source except for the tool used to create the graphic components on the main Tuner window.  One of the first tasks is to create open source replacements for the frequency panel, s-meter and tuning knob.

The GitHub repository will only include the RigPi software, so you will need to install a LAMP stack on your Raspberry Pi to get going.  There are plenty of sites you can find by googling that help with that process.

I’m looking forward to having additional folks involved as we move forward!

MFJ is finishing up the first production run now, so shipments will begin soon!

73, Howard W6HN

David Bodman, KD4CLJ

Glad to hear that...placed an order, didn't get the delayed email, and was wondering what was going on..

Just got a 7300, and been trying to do a Pi interface myself, but not seeing the whole picture yet.

BTW...I'm doing documentation for several other projects, but who do I shoot documentation boo-boos to? Spotted one, and I can keep my eye out for more..

(I know...for 3 versions of a double-sided trifold, I had the exact same sentence in two different paragraphs, and no one spotted it!)

I await my delivery with baited breathe!

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi David and welcome to the RigPi Forum!

Thanks for seeing an error in RigPi Help, I'm sure there are more!  Please send the info to rigpi at and I'll make the corrections.


73, Howard W6HN