FT-1000D PTT delay with RSS

Jeff Anderson

I've been setting up my personal Raspberry Pi (3 B+) with RSS software (v1.05) recently purchased from MFJ, and I have run into a PTT delay issue.

My Raspberry Pi is running headless, over WiFi.

When running the RigPi app (either as http://rigpi.local in my laptop's browser or on the RigPi's desktop via VNC Viewer), the PTT delay, when actually turning ON or OFF at the radio, can be 1 to 3 seconds from my clicking the RigPi's PTT "button" ON or OFF.

Yet, if I go to the RigPi desktop (again, using VNC Viewer on my laptop) and use the LXTerminal to first connect to the radio ("rigctl -m 103 -r /dev/ttyUSB0"), and then to toggle PTT on or off using the "T" command, the delay is much more acceptable -- maybe 0.5 seconds (or less).

Any ideas as to what might be going on, and how to fix it?

Another data-point...

When I click on "Connect Radio" on the RigPi's Tuner screen, I almost always first see a "Radio Connection" window stating that "The Radio control startup process failed" (and telling me to check if my radio is on).  Then this window goes away (by itself, without prompting) and the RigPi Tuner shows the frequency that the FT-1000D is currently tuned to.  In other word, it has now connected

Seems like there's a long delay somewhere; a delay that isn't present when using 'rigctl' commands.

- Jeff, k6jca

P.S.  The RigPi PDF mentions that I should do 'sudo nano hamlibDo.php' in a particular direction, and then to find the line that reads "$test=0;" near the beginning of the file.

This line does not exist in my file.  Instead, I see this line:
        $test=$_POST['test']; //if 0, normal RSS mode, if 1 run from Terminal a$

At this point, I scratch my head, wondering what I'm supposed to do.

Thanks for any help!