Bypass Tuner Macro

Larry Lentz

There is a nice macro to set my automatic tuner, *G TUNE. This works well, but I only need the tuner on a couple of bands. All the others bands are pretty flat on FT8. Is there a macro to bypass the tuner. At the radio, IC-7100, I simply need to tap the tune button if it's tuned and that turns off/bypasses the tuner. Currently, if I have to use the tuner while remote, then I have to use it for all band if I shift. Would be nice to set it back to bypass rather than having to tune all band from then on.

Thanks - N5LL

Fernando .

On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 11:54 AM, Larry Lentz wrote:

here are the CI-V commands for the 7300 to turn off/on the tuner