No Mumble Audio Into FT-991 (TX) Using Codec

Dan Heather

A bit embarrassed to submit this issue but I cannot find a solution.

I cannot get any audio from the RigPi Mumble client into my FT-991.  I have tried about every configuration option I can think of (except the one that works!).

Here is the basic background:
1) Problem started during beta testing of V2.0 RigPi (3 or 4 images back).
2) Suffered a radio problem where I lost all of the menu settings on the FT-991.  Reconfigured those according to all available documentation.  I am strongly suspicious that this is related to the issue.
3) Radio is working fine otherwise.
4) Mic selection is REAR.
5) Receive audio works fine on all (several) remote Mumble/Plumble devices.
6) RigPi device configuration is: Output -- USB Audio CODEC, USB Audio Default Audio Device; Input -- USB Audio CODEC, USB Audio Default Audio Device
7) All of the remote Mumble devices can hear each other (causing feedback if more than one remote Mumble mic is live at the same time).

I am currently running  the newly released V2.0 RigPi image.  Perhaps I will downgrade to a previously working image just to remove that as a possible cause.

One odd observation: I can can see remote audio from any device's mic when I display  "Audio Statistics..." (in Mumble's "Self" menu) on any of the remote devices but do NOT see that on the RigPi's Audio Statistics display (although I do see receiver audio there).

Any troubleshooting advice, or questions, greatly appreciated!

Dan N1DH