Mumble trouble on a raspberry PI 4


Downloaded and installed RP ver 2 and ran it on my Pi 4  2 gig Mumble auto starts as expected  but shortly after linking with the outside client  the 2 become disconnected. If you go to the setting menu on Mumble and check audio devices it correctly see the USB sound card in the ft 3000 and it is the default device for audio in and out.  as soon as you click OK the link is reestablished and the remote client  hears audio  after a sort time  < 1 to 2 minutes the link is dropped . Just by going to the settings menu and not changing anything and saying apply the link is again working for a short period of time.. If you have the mumble link running and the start RIG PI  all is well until the mumble server drops the client . the the tuner screen freezes, the splits indicator flashes, the tuner frequency window shows all zero and the radio will not reconnect to the RSS. I have tried the sd card in 2 different Raspberry PI 4's  Same result. Moved the new SD card to the original Raspberry PI 3B+  and  everything is happy and stable.   The dropping of the mumble links occurs  both inside the LAN  and from the WAN side. Any Thoughts ? I had thought about commenting out the line in the config.txt file that enables the RIG pi audio card , which do not have. Running just the PI and a USB cable to the ft 3000

Thanks in advance    Russ  W4pgt