MFJ Ready, when?

Leslie Loftin

MFJ is to make THE UPDATE available tomorrow. What time? I would stay up til midnight tonight, but I suspect that is too early! Business hours? Looking forward to seeing the new system.


Mike - KB0FX

Version 2.0 is now available on the MFJ web site. 

73 - Mike - KB0FX

Garry Chessen

Yes available but not easy to find. Must search for MFJ-1234BOS

On Oct 8, 2020, at 12:34 PM, Mike - KB0FX <mweilb@...> wrote:

Version 2.0 is now available on the MFJ web site. 

73 - Mike - KB0FX

Mark (PB2SD)

How do I update the MFJ-1234 technically?  If I go to the menu in the RipPi to “System Settings”,  I can see that the current RSS version is 1.05.    Behind that field is a button “Update RSS Files”   If I click that button, the RigPi says; “You are using the latest version of RSS”
So apparently the RigPi can’t find the Version 2.0. ??


Hi Mark.

You  need to buy the new RigPi 2.0. Download it to your computer. You have full instructions  how to put in in the SD card in the File. Remember to use 32 GB card in high quality. 

Regards from Loic SM5VFE

Jan Blomquist / SM5SUH


There is no automatic upgrade function from V 1.05 to V 2.0.

You follow the instructions in the pdf file that come with the package, using a new SD-card and in the end you have a new  SD-card complete with a clean bootable V 2.0 and then you have to configure it yourself regarding radio, macros, mumble and so.

This means that you still have the V 1.05 RigPi on the original SD-card you can use until you get the new one right and functional.

Jan / SM5SUH

Mark (PB2SD)

Thanks Jan and Loic,

It's clear to me now.  I downloaded the the files an the instruction is clear! 

First I'm going to order an 32G micro SD-card.