Lost Password....only worse, I think...


I'm blaming declining eye sight on this one.

I just got my RigPi today. I was surprised at how easy it was to setup. Because I have done this to myself before, I used an easy password. Went to log back into it....nope. 

I found and followed the instructions to delete the password. I used a mouse, keyboard and monitor directly to the RigPi. I went into the >phpMyAdmin>station>Users....and deleted the encoded password. Tried again without a password. Nope. "RigPi Login Please try again".

I went back into "phpMyAdmin".....everything under "Users" is now gone. Not just that line but ALL of the data. ALL of the lines below are gone.



Well, after stumbling around for a while, I was able to recreate the missing line. It was so much stumbling, I don't know that I can explain how I did it. But, it's working now.

My current issue is that Mumble is not passing audio. I've traced it to a hardware problem on the RigPi Audio board. That's well inside my skillset.