Mumble can Co-exist with FLDigi & TS2000 #mumble #ts2000 #fldigi #audio

Don Melcher

I just couldn’t handle operating digital modes without being able to listen to the RX audio if desired to check for interference, etc. 

So I added a USB sound card, set Mumble to use that sound card and left FLDigi, etc, using the RigPi card. I built a cable to connect TX & RX audio plus a PTT signal from the 1234 PTT output to pin 9 of ACC2 on the rear of the TS2000. In RigPi setting PTT is set to ON while transmitting. 

That’s it! FLRig & FLDigi play as they should together. 

To switch to Phone or CW, I close FLRig and start RigPi. 

One caveat. RigPi does not appear “initialize” the radio to previos settings like FLRig and leaves the radio in the same state it was in before connecting, so I set all the filter and other settings to “neutral”  

RigPi is begging for sliders for those type of adjustments. I better print out a copy of the programming reference, I can see some Macro writing in my future  

Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. (AU-MMSA)

Don Melcher

Turns out the Mumble client on the RigPi reverts to the 1234 sound card after reboot. Have to figure out how to make that stick. 

Don Melcher

Closing Mumble and restarting before reboot makes the new setting stick. Thanks Howard.