How do I reinstall the web app--and touch nothing else

Thomas Tumino

I'm thrilled---almost everything is working and I don't want to set it up all over again.

Unfortunately my RigPi web app is not working and needs to be re-installed.  Is it possible to somewhere simply change the version number of the web app to something lower than 1.05 so that the system will be able to "upgrade" itself and re-install the files? That sounds like good plan if I can make it happen.

Tom, N2YTF

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Tom,

I was responding to your private email when I saw this message.  Yes, we can change the version number which will force an update.  That will replace some but not all the UI files.

The version number is in /var/www/html/programs/version.php.  It will be 1.05 for your current image.  You can change that to 1.04 and RigPi will update at the next restart.

You can make the change using an editor from the Raspberry PI application menu or use a program called 'nano' from the Terminal program.  Start Terminal (black icon at the top left) from the Raspberry Pi desktop.  Use these commands:

nano /var/www/html/programs/version.php
Move the cursor to the second line and change 1.05 to 1.04
Use Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to exit.
Restart RigPi and connect with a browser.  It should update.