Different Log

James Holohan

Hi. I am wondering if and how I might use Logger32 with my RigPi?

Rob KI4MCW <ki4mcw@...>

A few thoughts.

* Logger32 only runs on Windows, so it cannot run on the RigPi unit. 

* You could use the RigPi for radio control, keying, and digital modes, then do your logging manually on a Windows PC separately. 

* If you want to run Logger32 remotely, you will need to run both the Pi and the Windows PC, and set up a separate remote-access solution for the Windows PC (VNC server software is available for Windows).

* Depending on the details of your setup, you may lose some of the integration between software (such as for automatically filling in log fields based on data from the radio).


Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi James,

In addition to Rob's suggestions, a free virtual port program, RigPi Hub for Windows, can be downloaded from  RigPi Hub provides a way to control RigPi from most Windows logging programs.  Main and sub frequency, split, mode and S-meter are supported.  The program includes a Help file with details on how to use it.

73, Howard W6HN