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Mac Jedi

Still trying to get the audio working right on the Icom IC-7000.  Not working yet ...(Still) . but not giving up.  Until then.  It would be nice to have some macro commands such as vfo/mem and mem-up and mem-dn.  Yaesu has a manual for all of the CAT commands for the 991A and they just have to be converted to HEX but I am looking and looking for the same idea for the IC-7000 and having no luck...  Any pointers?


The IC-7000 is a little special because of the removable head. You may need a 1 to 1 transformer to keep buzz from ground loops.

Just my 2c worth...
Mike WA3O


I setup an IC-7000 last Saturday.  I'm not sure what your audio issue is, but I can comment on my experience and macro's I put in place.

I bought the rear panel cable from MFJ and when it did not work discovered there was no jumper block on the audio card, so I used an ohm meter and made jumpers from resistor leads for ground and audio in and out as I observed PTT was through the CAT commands.  I got a lot of hum on transmit audio.  Unplugging everything but the monitor left me with a lot of hum.  Finally unplugging the monitor the hum went away.  I then decided that I wanted to control the audio in and out of the radio via volume and menu's, so I made up a cable for the mic connector and used a jumper cable for the speaker jack connection.  This works fine  and because the leads are short the signal is perfectly clean.  

Here are some macro's I had a chance to cobble up so I could go from HF to 70CM.  I use 70CM repeaters and there seems to be no support in hamlib for that.  

Tune radio to 444.1   *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x00\0x00\0x00\0x10\0x44\0x04\0xFD
Place radio in FM Mode *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x06\0x05\0xFD
Set Duplex+  *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x0F\0x12\0xFD
Turn on Repeater Tone  *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x16\0x42\0x01\0xFD
Tune radio to 445.1  *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x00\0x00\0x00\0x10\0x45\0x04\0xFD
Simplex *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x0F\0x10\0xFD
Duplex -  *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x0F\0x11\0xFD
Squelch to known good level  *1w \0xFE\0xFE\0x70\0xE0\0x14\0x03\0x00\0x55\0xFD

I was not yet able to get the memory functions to work correctly.  The 7000 has a slightly different format because of banks and I did not have the time to look into it.  

Todd - K1TM