TX Keying delay

Ryan Tourge, N2YQT

Which radio are you using? I'm having similar results with an FT-991A. In my case, there is a delay in activating PTT and then releasing it.


Thank you Howard for the reply.  

My PTT off time is about a 7 Mississippi count currently.  Some times as short as 3, but not often.
I look forward to the update.


Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Andy,

The longest the PTT OFF delay should be is under a second. The delay isn't caused by Internet dalay, but is caused mostly by polling in RigPi.  I'm working on improvements to the PTT software that will be in the next update.  The changes should provide better switching speed.



Hi Guys,

I have a very long delay before the rigpi will unkey the transmitter.  Has anyone got any work arounds?  I am running on my local network, and am not experiencing delays from the network side of things.  Both the webpage on a pc and using my iphone both give me quite a long pause.   My key-down speed is pretty darn good, but while checking into a net on HF, the delay covers any acknowledgment I might get back from net control.

Thanks, Andy.