RugPi and internet disconnect or power failiure mfj-1234

on7cl_rudi <cl.rudi@...>

How to restart server when there is a internet connection loss or  powercut, When internet is back available and power is back Will the server start up auto or how to do that, when not home, are the settings lost ? Can this be done remotely ? Thanks Rudi / ON7CL

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Rudi,

If RigPi power is lost it will reboot when power is returned.  It will reconnect to the Internet automatically.

If the Internet connection is lost, RigPi reconnects when the Internet is restored.  Keep in mind that if power is lost or the Internet drops, you may receive a new WAN IP and/or LAN IP.  There are steps you can take to prevent changes from occurring.  Furthermore, if Internet is lost and you happen to be in Transmit, RigPi has a Deadman timeout that will kick in after a set amount of time.  See RigPi settings.

Settings are not lost, they are kept in a database.

The only way to restart RigPi remotely if you have no Internet or can’t connect to RigPi for some other reason is by use of an independent power switch.

73, Howard W6HN