Yaesu FTDX-1200 #mfj-1234

Jason Hamilton

Just out of curiosity right now I'm setup to use the FTDX-5000 as my radio in the RSS but I was wondering if there is a better selection for the FTDX-1200?  Need to also find the additional macros that I can fill in for this.  Over all I am really enjoying this new flexibility of being able to use my radio like this. 

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Jason,

I believe you may be the first to report on the FT DX 1200, your decision to start with the 5000 was a good one.  Please document the steps you took and submit it to the moderators so others can benefit.  

73, Howard W6HN

Doug Gerard

I will be following your progress closely since I also have an ftdx1200 with an scu-17 and would consider the rigpi in the future.

Jason Hamilton

So right now at the moment this is how I have my radio connected.  
1.  Followed the standard instructions for setting up the RSS only difference was I chose the FTDX-5000 as my radio in the server.
2. For the audio at the moment I have one of these
so I then connected the audio out from that to go to the RigPi.  I then also increased the settings in the radio for menu items 78 to 100 and 79 to 50 (default, might go higher not sure yet)

So I also ordered!80021!US!-1
since that splits out the audio from the din port for me and I can then use that instead of the box listed above. Also ordered from gigaparts the din to RJ45 cable as well as I experiment with this.   Right now I can say that the audio coming through is low and I'm hoping that once I get one of the cables and I can eliminate this man in the middle box for now that it will improve the audio for me.

So for the SCU-17 as I understand that is USB sound card and cat control all in one I don't see why you couldn't just plug that directly into the pi (I have my USB cat cable plugged into the pi that way) Let me know your thoughts.