Computer headset and external VFO



Is it possible to use a computer headset with built in microphone with Rigpi? 
Also is an external VFO like Griffin Powermate VFO possible to use?

Thanks in advance, 

Regards from Loic, SM5VFE

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Loic,

If the computer/device you are using to connect to RigPi can accept a headset, it should work fine.  For example, Apple Earbuds that contain a Mic can be used for 2-way audio with an iPhone.  (I can use my hearing aids that way!)

It is possible with some amount of additional programming to use a USB tuning knob to control the RigPi frequency.


Michael Foerster

The question gets to be if there is a keystroke that will increase and decrease the frequency (I.e.: Ctl-Up, Ctl-Down).

I have a Griffin Power Mate that I used with RemoteHams and basically you have to custom program it to the application to scroll as you turn the wheel (1 kHz), as well as when you press down (PTT), and press & turn (10khz).

As far as the headset goes, audio has to come out of the client device somewhere, either the built in speaker/mic or a headset.

i don’t have a RigPi yet, but I I’m learning...
Mike, W0IH

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Mike,

RigPi has keystrokes that can be used to control PTT and tune frequency.

  • Up arrow, down arrow: tune selected digit up or down.
  • Left arrow, right arrow: select digit to tune.
  • +/-: tune selected digit up or down
  • Spacebar: PTT

Perhaps integration with the Griffin Power Mate (which appears to have been discontinued) will be fairly easy.

73, Howard W6HN