Setup for KX3 and use of amplifier ex: expert 1k-fa #mfj-1234



How do I setup my KX3 and my expert 1k-fa with the mfj 1234. They both need to use CAT port.

73 de la8fta, Bill

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Bill,

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Are you presently using a computer to control your KX-3 via CAT?  Doing so may require the use of a virtual com port program so that several devices can share the same serial port.  Windows Virtual Port programs are available, including RigPi Hub designed for that purpose.  It is also possible to set up a virtual com port in RigPi, although it takes a bit of Linux command line trickery.  If that sounds like a path you would like to try, here is a link to one approach:

73, Howard W6HN