2 Radios, Amplifier, SteppIR Controller #mfj-1234

Jim Thompson <jim.p.thompson@...>

Hi all - I would like to achieve the following and have been advised that RigPi might offer a solution.

I have 1x Icom IC-7300 and 1x Icom IC-7610 that I use interchangeably but not together simultaneously.

They both currently connect via CI-V and the 12 pin socket to the DSUBs on a SPE Expert 1k-FA amplifier, so are able to switch the band etc and control power up/down of the SPE. An antenna goes into the SPE and as such is shared between the two rigs.

I also wish to implement a SteppIR SDA100 controller in such a way as the two transceivers can control the antenna frequency (i.e. whichever transceiver is on and in use, the antenna will follow the VFO frequency as it changes.)

I'm concerned that the CI-V remote sockets on the transceivers are both used by the amplifier (each transceiver connects to my station computer via USB for logging and digimodes etc.)

I also run two rotors with USB connections into the laptop for PSTRotatorAZ.

Is the RigPi going to enable to implement this combination easily. I may be missing something of course. Primarily how to add the SteppIR controller to the existing setup...

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Jim,

A bunch of connections!  You might be able to use a virtual com port on RigPi to control your SteppIR.  Here is a link to one thread on that subject:

I have not tried it, but it appears to be documented well with step-by-step instructions.

For control of two rotors you would need to use two accounts in RigPi, one for each rotor.  You can open two browsers, one for each account, so controlling one or the other rotor would be immediately accessible.  If your CI-V connection has a serial output, that would the be connected to RigPi through a serial-to-USB adapter.

The bottom line is that what you want to accomplish appears to be possible unless I am missing something.  It would be a fun project.  If you proceed, keep us up-to-date on your progress.

73, Howard W6HN