Icom IC-2730a?

Jim Kravetz - KK5VG

Has anyone tried connecting an Icom IC-2730a with the RigPi?

Mark Weisheimer

Hi Jim,

I haven't used the IC-2730a but can tell you that Hamlib, which is the underlying radio control system used by RigPi, does list the IC-2730.
That list can be seen here in the files section:

A USB to CI-V cable would be needed plus you would need to interface Mic audio and PTT at the front panel RJ-45.
The MFJ-5745J might work, it is listed as compatible with the IC-706 so the wiring might be the same.
You would need to confirm that as I am not familiar with the IC-706 and the IC-2730a.

Hopefully, someone who has used that radio will post their results.

73 - Mark - K8MHW
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