Audio Issues with IC-7300 #mfj-1234


My apologies for the second newbie question. I've solved the first one, with help from a document referenced in this forum.

Now my problem is I cannot hear any audio from the rig. I'm using the audio cable that I ordered with the RigPi, for my IC-7300, but no audio seems to come through. The RigPi now lets me control the 7300 just fine, and my stuck PTT problem has been solved, but no audio comes through. 

Any thoughts from the experts?

Many thanks!



Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Guy,

No apologies necessary!

The 7300 is one of the newer radios that has internal CODEC's, making the use of the RigPi audio board unnecessary.  Audio is carried through the same cable used for CAT control.

Log into the Raspberry Pi desktop after connecting an HDMI monitor, USB keyboard and mouse.  You may have to reboot the RPi so it knows about the monitor you are using.

In the upper right, right-click the Speaker icon and select USB Codec, thus setting that as the default.  In Mumble configuration, make sure [default] is selected in the audio in and audio out windows.

You should be good to go.  You may want to return the cable.

Thanks for your kind comments!  This has been an exciting product to launch, helped along by many here on the forum.

73, Howard W6HN


It just dawned on me that the 7300 might be doing the lifting on the audio side, so I have removed that cable. I haven't actually connected the RigPi to a monitor or a keyboard/mouse yet. I have almost a dozen monitors on the premises, but they are all in dedicated service to one thing or another, so I was hoping to avoid that, but it may not be possible. I'm wondering if I reboot the RigPi now whether it will work or if I need to figure out which machine to deprive of its monitor in order to do so.

I can only imagine how exciting it is. Your product is taking the hobby by storm, and if the backorder situation I encountered is any measure, you're selling them faster than the proverbial hotcakes. To which I say more power to you. We need innovation in ham radio, always, or we will not be able to continue to attract younger hams. My first rig was a 75-A3 with a transmitter whose model number I cannot even remember, but one of the joys of ham radio (to me at any rate) is staying reasonably abreast of developments. I've embraced D-STAR and a slew of digital modes on that basis, and it keeps me excited about my life-long hobby. 

I'll continue to putter, and if need be, I can reconfigure temporarily and get a monitor and keyboard on the RigPi.

Thank you so much for your replies. And congratulations again on a stellar achievement. I'm completely blown away by its capabilities, and it helps me rationalize my investment in these new rigs. I also have an FT-991, but it lives with me in my home office, on the other end of the house from the shack, so I'm keen on controlling the rig with the best antenna. 




Looks like I will need to connect a monitor, which will not be too difficult. Color me lazy. But I should be able to do that tomorrow, and I expect once I do, everything will be running according to Hoyle. 

Thanks again!