PTT hangs in ON #mfj-1234


WARNING: Newbie alert. I have 40+ years as a ham and I even have experience with the Rpi, but I'm having a specific problem controlling my IC-7300 via RigPi. . . 

I can connect to the rig, and change the frequency fine. Not hearing audio, but I will come back to that problem and troubleshoot it after I solve the threshold issue, which is whenever I successfully connect to the radio, it immediately keys the PTT. I can turn it off manually on either the Mac (using Safari), or my iPhone, but it IMMEDIATELY goes red again, indicating PTT is engaged and the radio goes silent (I'm out of the ham bands, so it doesn't actually transmit, but of course I can't troubleshoot audio that is not being routed to the client.

As an ancillary issue, I read and followed two sets of directions for connecting to an ICOM, but setting the baud rate manually doesn't seem to do the trick. By setting default on the RigPi and Auto on the 7300, everything seems to work, except the PTT issue.

While I have your attention (many thanks), I also do not see the terminal icon that some are pointing out. Is the "RigPi Desktop" the interface presented in the browser, or is there something else I should be running in the stack?

Many thanks to any who may answer for your time and patience!



Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Guy,

Welcome to the RigPi Forum!

I'll bet you have set RTS/DTR to high in Advanced Radio Settings.  RigPi does not use those lines for PTT, but they may be enabled in your radio menu for PTT. The simplest way to fix it is to set R RTS and R DTR to 'default.'  You can also disable them in your radio for PTT using Connectors>USB Send and setting it to OFF.

73, Howard W6HN


I didn't expect a reply from the uber expert himself. Thank you, sir!

I believe the setting under Connectors>USB Send was the offending setting, because it seems to have solved the stuck PTT issue just fine.

Now, I am on to troubleshooting audio (since it's damned hard to troubleshoot audio when you have a stuck PTT).

I have the cable that is supposed to match the 7300 and its plugged into the rig correctly, but no audio comes through. Of course, half the fun is making it all work. So long as it doesn't take TOO long (HI).

Thanks again. You've created a beautiful thing. I can't wait to be on vacation later this month and still check into the Maritime Mobile Service Net and others. 

Kudos on your creation!