rigpi src code


will all the code be made avaible . we want top put this on a faster low cost board that has a emmc of 8 gig on it and make it a armbian img so that others can install rightonto a emmc with no issue.

The board we are looking at is made by Friendlyelec 

looking at :
these units are more powerfull and have emmc so performance is better then a sd card in the longrun.

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Yes, RigPi is open source except for the graphics components.  I have RigPi set up on Github, but nothing there yet. So much to do, so little time.

Since RigPi uses HTML5 and open tools, you can grab it from the RigPi memory card and play as much as you like.

One of the first jobs will be to code open source replacements for the knob, s-meter and freq readout which are proprietary.

73, Howard W6HN