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Getting my FT-857 working again without Alsamixer, now with Pulse Audio only, #ft-857d #yaesu #alsamixer #pulseaudio #version 2 11 messages By Mark Schroeder, W7KHZ ·
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Radio Compatability Lost? 3 messages By Jim Aralis ·
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receiver audio controls. 3 messages By sensei118@... ·
Yaesu 991A connected to Rigpi How to select memory and then up or down through memories? MACRO CODES???? #mfj-1234 #ft-991a #memory select #yaesu commands #hexadecimal convert 3 messages By Barry VA6DX ·
#yaesu #FT-857d #error 3 messages By Alexandros ·
Decisions Decisions FT-891 2 messages By Howard Nurse, W6HN ·
Ft-991a Sidetone 5 messages By Gary ·
Macros for FT-857d 2 messages By Howard Nurse, W6HN ·
No FTdx-101d 5 messages By ... ·
#yaesu FTdx101d NO audio transmit and wrong S-scale reading 2 messages By Doug Schultz ·
FTDX101MP 7 messages By Doug Schultz ·
FT-100D setup??? USB only or Something else for audio? 9 messages By Mac Jedi ·
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