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Boot process that starts rigctl? 3 messages By charles@... ·
MAYBE I have figured our my no audio problem 5 messages By Aaron Jones ·
RigPi Hub #RigPI Hub 5 messages By Howard Nurse, W6HN ·
Remote operatiion: RigPi == USB=> IC-7100 no audio (TX or RX) 5 messages By Neil K6NCX ·
2 RigPis on the same net-Router is forwarding different ports to each-2nd rig is trying to logon to 1 rigs mumble on and off. manual have to connect second. #rigpi #2 on same net 4 messages By Mac Jedi ·
Yaesu 991A RSS Web Interface power meter runs backwards on transmit??? How to have meter rest to the left not right when idle #ft-991a #mfj-1234 #rigpi web interface meter 19 messages By Mac Jedi ·
Pre-Purchase Question regarding Elecraft KX2 7 messages By ... ·
Kind of screwed up RigPi when adjusting some things VNC service was turned off and I am not sure how to get it back on. #rigpi #VNC #"The connection was refused by the computer" 4 messages By Mac Jedi ·
Anytone UV5888III anyone have success making it work with RSS? 3 messages By Howard Nurse, W6HN ·
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