Re: RigPi and Filters #ic-7300

Brian - W5BDJ

Thank you very much for the info, Howard. Also, thanks for RigPi. I'm having entirely too much fun working HF from my phone at work!

Re: Mumble

Howard Nurse, W6HN

HI Robert,

Sorry, I answered the wrong question.  Mumble should be updated automatically when you update the Raspberry Pi.

Go to Terminal (the black icon at the top fo the desktop) and use these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade


Re: RigPi and Filters #ic-7300

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Filter 2 is the default Icom filter for the IC-7300.  RigPi use Hamlib to send frequency commands.  A frequency command consists of the frequency and bandwidth.  RigPi uses "default" for bandwidths.  When RigPi sends a frequency command that changes bands, the radio automatically switches to the default filter.

If you want to use a specific bandwidth most of the time you can set up the desired parameters in Fil2.

73, Howard W6HN


Robert Hanson

Hi All
I am trying to set up a1234 purchased used.
Rig control on my IC-7000 works great, but I have been unable to connect audio. When I try to connect from a windows device I am told the Mumble server on the Pi has old software and so I can't connect.

I am new to the Pi and don't know how to upgrade Mumble. I don't see a link to do it within the program, and have not been able to find info on how to do it.

Thanks in advance for your help

73 W6RH

RigPi and Filters #ic-7300

Brian - W5BDJ

Hi, I'm running RigPi with a 7300. Everything is running smoothly with one exception. Every time I change bands with RigPi the radio changes from filter one to filter two and I have to manually change it back on the radio. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any idea what's causing it? Thanks for the help.

VNC & Mumble

Marc Staves

So I'm wondering, are there recommendations for my android devices as to which VNC app and which Mumble app to use? I did a quick search in the play store for both. Seems like there are so many to pick from.
My second question: Does the USB RS-232 Cable connection to my yaesu ft950 handle everything or do I still need to run separate audio cables from RSS to the back of the radio?
The reason I'm asking this is because I can connect to the RSS via my phone on my LAN and I can control the radio including the PTT but I have no audio in any direction. So far things are going smoothly,  just need to work through the learning curve.
73, Marc, N2PRD

Re: How do I reinstall the web app--and touch nothing else

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Tom,

I was responding to your private email when I saw this message.  Yes, we can change the version number which will force an update.  That will replace some but not all the UI files.

The version number is in /var/www/html/programs/version.php.  It will be 1.05 for your current image.  You can change that to 1.04 and RigPi will update at the next restart.

You can make the change using an editor from the Raspberry PI application menu or use a program called 'nano' from the Terminal program.  Start Terminal (black icon at the top left) from the Raspberry Pi desktop.  Use these commands:

nano /var/www/html/programs/version.php
Move the cursor to the second line and change 1.05 to 1.04
Use Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to exit.
Restart RigPi and connect with a browser.  It should update.


How do I reinstall the web app--and touch nothing else

Thomas Tumino

I'm thrilled---almost everything is working and I don't want to set it up all over again.

Unfortunately my RigPi web app is not working and needs to be re-installed.  Is it possible to somewhere simply change the version number of the web app to something lower than 1.05 so that the system will be able to "upgrade" itself and re-install the files? That sounds like good plan if I can make it happen.

Tom, N2YTF

Re: Connection cable help #ftdx5000 #ic-7100

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Dave,

I believe the IC-7100 has built-in audio CODECs so only a USB control cable is required.  The FTdx-5000 can use the optional SCU-17 interface provided by Yaesu, or you can use the RigPi Audio board.  Many users opt for the SCU-17 to cut down on the number of required cables.

The RigPi Audio board can use standard 3.5mm connectors, you don't need to use the RJ45 connector for audio in/out.

73, Howard W6HN

Re: Power failure

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Kevin, MFJ sells the RigPi memory card for $49.95, but you can also download the RigPi 1.05 image (MFJ-1234OS) for $29.95 and not pay shipping.


Re: FT-897 - some information on the ports, but also some questions

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the info on the FT-897D.

RigPi 1.05 uses a CAT command to determine PTT status to tell when the radio is  in transmit.  That requirement complicates PTT operation.  Yes, you can key the PTT line on the data jack, but if the radio doesn't have a CAT command to get PTT status, RigPi releases PTT or may cause it to lock on.  This issue is fixed in RigPi 2, currently in Beta.  RigPi 2 will control PTT on radios that do not have a CAT PTT command.

Any function that can be controlled through a CAT command can be used in RigPi.  If there is a CAT command to switch to a memory channel you wil be all set.


Re: MFJ1234

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Karl-Heinz,

The two USB connectors on the front of the IC-7700 are not meant for radio control or audio.  They are for a USB flash drive or Keyboard.  On the back of the radio you will find a CI-V and a DB9 RS232 connector designed for connecting to a PC (or RigPi).  You will need either a CI-V or Serial-to-USB adapter depending on which connection you want to use.

73, Howard W6HN


Karl-Heinz Rudolph <rudolph.oe8khr@...>

please can I connect also my IC-7700 to the MFJ1234
In the front I can find on my IC-7700 2 USB connections
I find the following notice in the manual, it says also
About the [USB] connector:
• DO NOT connect the following devices:
- Multimedia adapter
Can someone help me ?
Greetings from Austria
Karl-Heinz (Henry !) Rudolph
My email >> rudolph.oe8khr@... <<



Can I use the MFJ1234 together with my ICOM7700 ? Kind regarsd from Austria, Karl-Heinz, OE8KHR

FT-897 - some information on the ports, but also some questions

Matthew Delaney

I haven't bought a RigPi yet, but am looking at it to switch to a non-PC dependent solution.

I have a Yaesu FT-897D. Using a Windows based remote solution and a RigBlaster, here is what I have found out:

The FT-897D will transmit audio from voice modes (SSB, FM) when using the back DATA jack's input...IF you hard key that jack's PTT line. If you use CAT commands to key the radio, digital mode audio comes from the back, but voice modes' audio comes from the front MIC jack. 
The receive audio coming out of the data jack is DSP processed. If I enable to the DSP buttons on the front of the radio while listening to the remote audio, you can hear the difference.
I post both of these points of information, but they both contradict earlier threads in the forum about the 897. So perhaps there is a difference in versions of the radio. Mine is  "D", with a serial number that starts 6J740, and I bought it new in 2007. 

Now my questions:
1) Does the RigPi support hard PTT (the PTT line, not CAT) through the data jack? This would be essential to having it work without having to build a custom cable to split transmit audio to go to the MIC jack.
2) Is it possible to switch to a specific memory channel *as stored in the radio* (not a software memory)? As far as I know, this is the only way to do the 60M band with the have to switch to the radio memory channel with one of the 5 US channels (you can't VFO to them).

Re: Power failure


If you have a spare SD card available, download a copy of the standard Raspian operating system - which is free - and try booting your RigPi with it. Obviously, that will not give you the RigPi functionality, but it will allow you to verify the Raspberry Pi board and avoid wasting time and money chasing the wrong problem. The RigPi is a standard Raspberry Pi board and should boot and run perfectly well on the standard Raspian image.

Martin (G8FXC)

Re: Power failure


Is MFJ still charging $49 for a new card?

Kevin, KJ7EHQ

On 2020-07-26 14:42, Bruce N7XGR wrote:
Jim, Skip, I believe that some files on the card are corrupted
because of the power loss.
It is best to contact MFJ for a replacement card and start all over
from scratch unfortunately.
When Skip get the new card he should clone the card onto another B4 B4
B4 (emphasized)
he does any settings changes. Just get a USB card reader/writer and
some 32 gig cards
and clone the original onto at least 1 card. There is a clone utility
built into the PI's OS
that makes this easy. After cloning put the original card away and
only use the cloned card.
After all settings are done and B4 B4 B4 any passwords are changed, do
another clone.
Put the B4 password card away with the original but label them
Now with this other cloned card he can now change the password, when
all done and
everything is working just fine and you guessed it, DO ANOTHER CLONE.
Every step along you have clones to fall back on, which means if a
problem arises
like this one all he has to do is to put the previous card in and do a
new clone
This will save a ton of time and frustration, backup to a backup to a
The instructions are very lacking in this respect that came with the
Use the corrupted card for the clone job then use this card keeping
the other card
for safekeeping.
Bruce N7XGR
On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 4:01 PM Jim Yuen <> wrote:

Aloha Skip,
1. If your monitor tests okay, then either the Raspberry Pi HDMI
connection is bad (power damage?) or the Raspbian Linux is
2. The RigPi (RSS) app consists of a series of HTML programs
residing on the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is the web server
that processes your RigPi app which is why you can connect. So
obviously the Raspberry software is working enough to allow you to
3.When VNC rejects your login, it may be your login/password is
wrong or corrupted. Try the default "pi" and "7388".. You can
possibly download and re-install VNC on the RPi but I've never tried
that myself.
It's hard to say whether the board or the software is corrupted. If
you can borrow a copy of the software from a nearby ham to test vs
your copy. p.s. making a copy of the software on a spare SD card is
a good backup.
I'm not an expert on this stuff as I've only worked with it since
March for my club, but I've had my share of problems. Good Luck.
73. Jim WH6GS
On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 10:26 AM Skip Merrill <>

Hi Jim,
When I log on to the RSS using a computer on the same network I am
using a different monitor. At the time of the failure I had a
different monitor connected directly to the rigpi HMDI port and I
have since checked both the monitor and cable, they are ok. The
power wasn't off long so the RSS retained the same IP and that is
what I am using to access the rigpi software which still works. I
don't understand how the rigpi could be working without the
Raspberry software working. When I try to log on using VNC I get a
logon rejected message. I am beginning to agree that the memory
card is corrupt.
Skip, KS4Q

Re: Login


Ok thanks I think it's going to have to have a macro assigned to it.

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020, 9:51 PM Howard Nurse, W6HN <hlnurse@...> wrote:
Hi BJ,

The Tune button keys the CW line so you can tune the radio.  Think DX-40, hi!  You can reassign that button if you wish or create a macro for the TS-2000 to tune it.  Use the ESC key to stop keying.


Re: Login

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi BJ,

The Tune button keys the CW line so you can tune the radio.  Think DX-40, hi!  You can reassign that button if you wish or create a macro for the TS-2000 to tune it.  Use the ESC key to stop keying.


Re: Login


Hi Howard I looked on the forum for all the info on the rd-2000 but I didn't see a lot maybe I looked in the wrong place I am curious if anyone made macros for that rig. 
              Thanks again for the help. Oh also when I do push the tune button it gets hung up on the rss I have to turn the power off to it to get it to stop so Idk what's going on there.

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020, 6:02 PM B J via <> wrote:
Thanks Howard I will give that a try, thank you sir for replying back to me. 

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020, 5:54 PM Howard Nurse, W6HN <hlnurse@...> wrote:
Hi BJ,

Have you made progress with your TS-2000?  (I just did a quick search and there are 268 messages here on the forum referring to the TS-2000.  Take a look to see if any help you.)

In any case, go to Advanced Radio settings which has the most options.  Select Kenwood and TS-2000.  Select /dev/ttyUSB0 in the Port dropdown.  See if that connects.

73, Howard W6HN

Re: Power failure

Skip Merrill

Thanks everyone for the guidance. I think at this point I will contact MFJ and see if they will provide a card  under warranty. If not I will try the image download route and see if that works. I will let you know how it goes. If it works I will definitely make copies.

Skip, KS4Q

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