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Michael Young

David, I looked at the IC-7600 manual and it looks like it has an
internal soundcard.

I recently found this document that might help

Here's an excerpt from that document that discusses the 7600:

"to configure your IC-7600 to accept audio from the USB interface,
decide whether your digital mode operation will employ DATA 1 mode
(D1), DATA 2 mode (D2), DATA 3 mode (D3), or will be accomplished with
DATA mode not in use. Then open the transceiver's ACC SET menu and

set the appropriate entry's signal source to USB, as shown on page 124
of the IC-7600 Instruction Manual

set the USB MOD level to 50% (you can increase or decrease this later
to adjust the audio drive level)"

If you hurry you can try it before ya goto Dayton!


On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 6:33 PM WA8KHP - <> wrote:


I have a IC-7600 using a SignaLink for digital communications. The SignaLink has a sound card that connects to the IC-7600 ACC 1 port for analog audio In/Out. From the SignaLink a USB connection goes to the PC for digital audio that is used by Fldigi plus many other digital programs on the PC.

The USB port on the IC-7600 goes to the PC for CAT Control. Again many programs on the PC use this CAT interface to control the IC-7600.

I am using a Virtual Serial Port (VSP) program that allows me to take the Cat Control Port from the IC-7600 and the digital audio port from the SignaLink and SPLIT each port which allows multiple software programs on the PC to use them at the same time.

I am not aware of a PORT COMBINER function in the software that I currently have.

1. How can I use RigPi with my current cable connection?
2. Can I still use my current cable connections or must I start over with RigPi?
3. Must I use the Audio In/Out on the MFJ-1234 RigPi for my audio to/from the IC-7600? How would I connect the RigPi audio to the PC to use my existing digital software?

Another tough question for you which I hope you have an answer for!

See you next Friday...


David - WA8KHP

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