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Howard Nurse, W6HN

RigPi treats slider values as integer percentages.  My IC-7300 settings window shows output power the same way, as an integer percentage.  Hamlib treats set/get values as floating point.  If The radio is capable of 100 watts, the slider values will be close.  Rounding can cause a difference of 1 watt.  Some radios seem more susceptible than others, my 7300 agrees with what shows on the RigPi slider.


On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 06:56 AM, Kevin Utzy wrote:

The minimum value for the PWR cat command is 005. So that is understandable. However I can verify the other behavior for me too.

I think this could be a RSS issue since Flrig performs with the new hamlib libraries. But I don't know the nuts and bolts.

But what is a watt here or there? 😊 Much better than the creep that's for sure!


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Upgrading to new Hamlib fixed the "RF power creeps up" problem but it reveals a
different problem now.
Settings on the slider bar don't map well to the commands executed on the
TS2000. For example, Set Pwr Slider to 100 changes the TS2000 to 5 (watts) Set
Pwr Slider to 0 changes the slider to 4 and sets TS2000 to 5 Set Pwr Slider to 12
changes TS2000 to 13 (which is wrong but proves that it is capable of 1-watt
changes) Set Pwr Slider to 37 changes TS2000 to 38 The pattern is that the Slider
value and the TS2000 set power command seem to be off by 1, like someone is
using an index of 0 instead of 1 to map the value from the Slider to the TS2000
10 should mean 10, right? 100 resetting to 0 is just wrong.
73, Doug WD0UG


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