Re: Original RigPi 3B+ upgrade to Pi 4 #rigpi

Howard Nurse, W6HN

Hi Kevin,

Yes, RigPi V2 will run on either the 3B+ or 4B, the 4B is preferred.  It is possible to modify the V1 case to accommodate the 4B by enlarging the mini HDMI and USB/Ethernet slots.  The new MFJ case also has more ventilation slots for better air flow.

You no doubt have a new power supply for your 4B, but make sure it is good for 3 amps.


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 08:20 PM, Kevin Utzy wrote:
I have a RigPi with a 3B+.  I also have a Pi 4B that I have been running HamPi on.  Running WSJT-X on the Pi4 is so much better.

After reading this forum, I take it that I can use the RSS V2 image on the Pi4 and swap out the Pi 3B board for the Pi 4B board.  I understand the case is different, but I notice that MFJ sells the proper case, product MFJ-1234BC.  So if I just buy the case and swap the Pi boards, everything will work as it is now?

Am I missing something?


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