Re: RIgPi Kenwood TS-2000 TUNER button problem #ts2000 #rigpi

Perry Ogletree

That sounds like RF getting into the Pi and locking it up. When you "tune", the radio see all sorts of crazy mismatches as the tuner seeks low SWR. That can cause RFI even though you are in low power mode. Try ferrites on all cables to the Pi as well as on the coax between the rig to tuner and turner to antenna.


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The RigPi V2 software (and maybe V1, but I'm not hooked up that way), when you hit the TUNE button, the system goes bonkers. The TS-2000 makes some noise, the MFJ-993 tuner kicks in for a second and then the MFJ-1234 box emits a high-pitched whine which will not stop. The only solution is to shutdown RigPI and the TS-2000 and do a power cycle.
73, WD0UG

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