RigPi Problem with RF Power Output on Kenwood TS-2000 #rigpi #ts2000


I am using the V2 software but this may also be a V1 problem. I set my Kenwood TS-2000 RF power output (PWR button on front panel) to, e.g., 10 Watts. I Run RigPi. If I use the KEYER menu, the RF power slowly increases, to 18 then 47 then 81, etc. That's not good for a QRP operator like me. Also I observed this increase in power without using the KEYER, but using SSB mode instead. It's as if a bad recurring command is being sent to the TS2000 telling it to do some phantom command that is equivalent to increase power command.
I'm connected RigPi 1234 to Kenwood using a standard serial cable connected to a USB adapter.
73, WD0UG

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