Need Help with TS-2000 Conneciton -- Does a Real Set of Instructions Exist? #ts2000


I see that a few people have got their Kenwood TS-2000 working, at least partially, but I've read thru dozens of threads, and can't find a comprehensive set of simple instructions for getting on the air.
For example, I can see the RigPi program in a browser on a nearby computer, and can see the Tuner and other functions seem to do something, so I know I'm on the right track. However, I have no audio, and the snippets of useful information are never enough to actually get the job done. What wires go where? How does PTT work? I have the recommended MFJ 13-pin DIN cable, but apparently that interacts with PTT?? How to setup a VPN before connecting this to the internet? I see all kinds of partial answers, but how about a concrete example?
I feel like I've put in quite a bit of time, but the brass ring is always just out of reach.
Please help with specific examples, not vague ideas. Thanks.
73, Doug

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