N1MM and Remote RigPi #remote

Kevin Utzy

I am in the home stretch with putting my RigPi at my remotes station.  One big reason I wanted the RigPi is to use N1MM CW keying from home.  Currently I always have to go up  to my station.  

Where I am getting confused is with the terms "Normal", "Radio Keyer", and "Remote Keyer".  But to me it means in order: the RigPi Keyer, the Keyer Built into the radio" and an external keyer.  

I have RigPi Hub installed on my home computer that N1MM resides on.  That is pretty straight forward.  I thought I could just use RigPi's keyer to do this.  But I get lost with if I need to use a jumpers or not, the RSS Settings (I notice that a port setting is only on remote).  As a side note I do have a regular WinKeyer USB that I use on a regular basis with N1MM, but couldn't I use the one that came with RigPi?  I don't want to use any key, straight or paddle, just the N1MM macros.

Not interested in using morse keyer use either, just want to use N1MM at home with the RigPi at a remote location.

If this is documented clearly somewhere I miss I am sorry.  I have RSS V2 and RigPI Hub V 1.0.7.


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