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Jim W7RY <jimw7ry@...>

Which "FCC requirement" is that Steve?

Jim W7RY
On 1/8/2021 8:36 PM, Steve_KE4LC wrote:

Hi Charlie, you are correct.  To control the rig and read status, you would have to be able to connect to the RigPi via a serial or USB connection in order to interact with the rig via CAT commands.  Both old, but good, rigs lack those connections and abilities.  You COULD use a RigPi (audio card option) to successfully capture analog audio from the rigs’ speaker outputs, digitize and send it to your location via the internet.  If you are handy (sounds like you are if you interfaced a SignalLink),  I guess you could also build a hardware relay to trip PTT and a circuit to take audio from the RigPi’s  TXOut, also its PTT contacts and take it, after matching impedance, etc to your rig’s mic input - allowing Mic and PTT abilities.   You might also use an internet-actuated 120 VAC relay to remotely switch the rig power on/off (FCC requirement).  That can still be difficult as some rig’s front panel on/off switches generally default to power down state at physical power loss.  Simply turning power back on leaves them still off.  Yours may not function that way, allowing the remote on/off function.    Nevertheless,  as you said, you wouldn’t be able to control the rig remotely, only use it in fixed frequency/ mode operation.  

73, Steve KE4LC 

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