Re: This could be handy for remote operations -VIRUS?

Jim W7RY <jimw7ry@...>

Oh I know...

Tube type transmitters are NEVER run remotely without someone present. (Except for the thousands of broadcast transmitters, AM and FM and some very high power TV).

Really?  How about adding some protection to said amplifiers.

Jim W7RY
On 1/4/2021 9:32 AM, Don Melcher wrote:

I’d be really nervous about running a tube amp remote. I’ve always used solid state auto-tune amps - 2-KL, 4-KL and PW-1. Icom has always been “remote friendly” with their CI-V and Band Data I/O. It was possible to have a 160-10 station with a 500 w amp, tuner and remote antenna switch that simply needed a single CI-V input and Audio I/O to whatever you were interfaced to 35 years ago, be it an ACC ShackMaster or a Commodore 64 based Comshack64 using RF links. It’s still possible today (though the Icom EX-627 switch is long discontinued). That’s why I’ve almost exclusively used Icom for remote. 


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