Re: #ftdx3000 Compilation of steps to activate FTDX3000 with RigPi available? #ftdx3000

Jim W7RY <jimw7ry@...>

Why not share to the list? Or post onto the groups page?

Seems odd...

Jim W7RY
On 1/3/2021 10:45 AM, radiorusso wrote:

Mark contact me off the list I have Rigπ setup on 3 FTdx 3000's 1 for me and 2 others for  Hams  operating remotely from Florida  I also have an extensive list of macros that allow operation of all the front panel buttons remotely
Contact me at rshummel1@...
73  Russ W4PGT

On 1/2/2021 7:44 PM, Mark Schroeder, W7KHZ wrote:
Has anyone put together the steps and settings yet for an FTDX3000? I have seen a lot of tidbits of information, but I do not seem to find anything that would help someone start from the beginning to a running configuration yet. Maybe a video available? Is there another configuration guide for another radio that would work?

73's, Mark W7KHZ

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