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Garry Chessen

Tom, I purchased a RPI USB-C 3A power supply from Digikey for $8 plus shipping and Micro USB to C adapters on amazon. That works great. Have no issues. If you get the Raspberry Pi 4, I believe it uses type C power. 


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From: Dave Jordan
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2020 1:03 PM
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There are plenty of 5V power supplies for iPhones and MacBooks that should work fine. That is what I'm using. 



Then you will require a USB C to Mini USB cable.




I could be mistaken and I'm sure someone in the group will correct me if I'm mistaken.


Please let me know when you get your audio working.  I've looked at the reference material and it appears to be somewhat obsolete.  The documents talks about a rigpi4 while the newest version of RigPi is RigPi2


The menus provided in manual on the WEB site are not a match from those in the actual unit (latest version).... 



If there is a more recent guide for IC-7300 I haven't stumbled across it yet... little things like go to item 7 under Advanced setting except there is no item 7 in the actual menu for the latest RigPi, hahaha.  This is almost as much fun as three dimensional chess!



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On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 1:14 PM Tom Schmidt <tschmidt50@...> wrote:

Can anyone provide me with a link for a 5v power supply for the RigPi? I ordered a 3 amp with a micro USB connector from Amazon, but the connector is too small. I'll have to send it back.

Thanks, Tom N8EUI


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