Re: TS-2000 rear DIN issue #audio


The din plug is going in correctly, I have always been careful with those so I wouldn't bend anything.  If I connect the RJ45 to the RSS with the 2000 turned off, and then power it up the radio doesn't go into transmit. BUT, it doesn't transmit from the web interface, and the front panel transmit button doesn't work either. In order to be able to manually use the front panel transmit button i have to unplug the RJ45. I have used two different RJ45 to 13 pin din plugs, namely the one from a signal link and it acts the same way. Also as long as the RJ45 cable is unplugged the rig keys fine from the web interface using the CAT cable plugged into the rear serial port. I really am beginning to think that there is an issue with the board in the RSS unless some can come up with a magic setting that I have missed from ll the messages here on the board. Now something I haven't thought of, has the circuitry involved in the din plug in the radio somehow failed. Ive used that port for years for all sorts of interfaces. I guess I could test it with another interface if I can find one of my old ones.

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