Re: RigPi User Manual- Remote Power Switch


Is there a NEW Rigpi Users Manual to download?
Kevin @ KJ7EHQ

On 2020-10-20 08:18, Dan Heather wrote:
I would like to remotely control my old (SB-200) linear amplifier
power on/off. At the top of page 148 in the V2 RigPi User Manual
(Help menu/RigPi Help on the browser tuner page) it shows a most
intriguing photo of a multi-AC outlet gadget but no description. Is
that a way to control AC power to external equipment? If so, how?
The only stumbling block is that the amp is running on 240 VAC, but I
can look around for the right gadget if this is a possible
configuration for the RigPi.
Dan N1DH

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