Re: RSS 2.0 Issue when Cancelling Log Entry

Ron Wright - KA5LUG

Thanks for the offer but I haven't yet made this instance available outside the local network.  I'm still testing.

I did confirm through phpmyadmin that the rows are really being removed from the database when I cancel from the log entry screen.

Upon a little more digging I found the cancel button code is calling deleteTempQSO.php which includes the following in the where clause:  $db->where('ID',-1);

 * @author Howard Nurse W6HN
 * This routine deletes all or selected contacts from the logbook
 * It must live in the programs folder   
ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL);
ini_set('display_errors', 'on');
require_once ("/var/www/html/programs/sqldata.php");
$db = new MysqliDb("localhost", $sql_log_username, $sql_log_password, $sql_log_database);
if (!$db){
        die("Connection failed: ".mysqli_connect_error());
echo "OK";

Looking at the entries in my Station.Logbook table, they all have an id of -1.


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