Mumble issue


I am unable to get Mumble to work on the RigPi.  Here is the message that comes up when Mumble tries to connect:


[4:01 PM] Welcome to Mumble.

[4:01 PM] Opening chosen ALSA Input failed: No such device

[4:01 PM] Opening chosen ALSA Output failed: No such device

[4:01 PM] Connecting to server rigpi.local..

[4:01 PM] Connected.

[4:01 PM] Welcome message:
Welcome to the RigPi VoIP server running Murmur.
Enjoy your stay!


On my client PC, Mumble does connect to the Mumble server on RigPi, but there is no audio throughput because the server can’t find ALSAMIXER.


Sound card device is 0- snd-rpi-proto.


Any suggestions?







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