new remote set up


Hello forgive my asking these questions but i am trying to satisfy myself that i will not be wasting 3 or 4 hundred pounds on something i will never get to work. I want to set up a remote station at at a site some 25 miles distant where i can run a a full wave long wire aerials for 160  /80 /40 mtrs, both ends have very good broadband connections and routers  the radio  will be a yeasu 450(not the D) ,i have PC of reasonable spec and i propse to purchase an MFJ1234 . As i understand i will have the PC with router and  CAT control at my end and the 450 with  the MFJ 1234 and router at the remote end with an internet link in between i have i got this right or am i floundering around with the wrong ideas.

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