Re: #ic-7300 no audio while transmitt #ic-7300

Peter Bruins

I have  last days working with the RIGPI  I cannot fix the problem , withe  the internal soundboard.
Nothing Audio out from the internal soundboard.
I have open the case and see  that on the small Audio board withe the rj45 plug  same
solder points are not have the solder I fix it but the problem is the same.
Then I  have be fed up I bay a new version from the  MFJ homepage and it works I hear audio on the intern soundboard  on the lest Earphone withe audiocity .  I will config now the system then I will test it with the K3 the test withe the IC7300 end of the week
no no no what  a hell of crab and I must second pay for the software a bit frustrating.

73 Peter DH4JQ


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