FT-950 TX Audio via rear mini DIN plug #audio

f5djl Jean-Louis


  I have acquired recently an  MFJ 1234  and I am  currently discovering all its capabilities , i am very impressed ! :-)  Thanks and congrats Howard and team ... .
  I am looking for advice regarding LSB/USB  use via the rear mini din plug and RJ cable to RSS. .
  I assume the use of an additional macro using pkt/dig mode is the obvious answer as FT950 does not have a setting to force rear input in normal SSB modes
  However is there a way to modify the standard interface LSB/USB button to achieve the same and avoid user to think USB and LSB is not functional ?
  Alternatively should I go for the hardware option , ie route TX audio to the front panel ?

  Thanks for your help and very best regards
  Jean Louis F5DJL- K1JLT  

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